Monday, September 26, 2016

#HorrorNEWS CHANNEL ZERO Official Trailer

Alright, here's the trailer for my most anticipated new show, CHANNEL ZERO. Which will be an anthology creep-tastic horror series on Syfy. And since anthology shows never truly work with audiences nowadays (I blame Lost and 24 on that), they're going to go with a miniseries formart. 4, 6-episode long story arcs. And they're basically free to make as many episodes as they want.

I like this miniseries format. It should work great with horror stories. Kind of like what the Masters of Horror films did a decade ago, with potential for longer storylines and an ongoing narrative to keep the serialized format people love so much now.

Here's the trailer:

Wow! This looks really promising! And Creepy! And it even has Chucky/Child's Play creator Don Mancini attached to it!

I cannot wait!

It will start airing right on time for this Halloween.

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