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TLC - My Top 3 Personal Favorite Resident Evil games!

It has been far too long since I last did one of these Top Lists. So let's go back to one of my favorite subjects: survival horror games!

Today's subject is...

TLC #07: My Top 3 Personal Favorite Resident Evil games!!

Why top 3? Because I'm fairly certain I can narrow the series down to only 3 titles. That's why!

As you might know if you're familiar with my blog here, I've basically reviewed all main Resident Evil games by now. And yes, I haven't figured how to actually review Umbrella Corps, it's THAT bad.

So now's the perfect time to make a top list of the RE series.

First off, I would like to give a special mention to all the other good Biohazard/Resident Evil titles. It's not because I decided to skip them for this Top 3 List that I don't like them. Like the very innovative Resident Evil 4, which completely reimagined the survival horror genre and what we now know as the third person cover shooters. But personally I would put it on my own list of my favorite Resient Evil games. I also adore Resident Evil 2, but it's basically 1 all over again with a city-wide map instead of the manor. And as much as I love Resident Evil 3 for Nemesis, it's just a huge expansion pack for RE2 in my eyes. The Revelations game were also a great compromise between the more recent modern titles and some ideas from the older series.

Without further ado, here goes, My Top 3 Personal Favorite Resident Evil games!

Here's my list:

#03 Resident Evil 0: Zero
Original release date: November 2002
Available on Nintendo Gamecube, Wii, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

I feel like after the release of Resident Evil Zero, the series went on non-stop constant reinventions. This really was the last traditional classic RE game.

It was still a classic survival horror, revolving around tension, scares and item & weapon management. With limited resources actual came some great thrills!

The only big gimmick this game explored was a buddy system, ditching the alternate scenarios for direct control of both Rebecca and Billy. And an Alone in the Dark-style system that allowed you to "store" stuff by leaving them on the floor across the different rooms.

The story was a bit weird, even by Resident Evil standards, but our main protagonists were engaging and likeable.

A fantastic experience! One of the most overlooked entries in the franchise for the older classics or the more recent outings. But a personal favorite.

#02 Resident Evil 1
Original release date: March 1996
Available on Sega Saturn, PS1, PC and Nintendo DS (not counting the REmake)

While I do consider the cult classic fan-beloved REmake the far better superior edition of the game, I personally still prefer the original game over it.

For all the graphical overhaul, little changes and updates to the mechanics, I don't really like the little details Capcom felt like adding to the original. Like the game seems to hand the player more than it did in the original, forcing more clearly paths around. And the Crimson Heads are pretty fun additions but they're also a real annoying pain. And I missed the original's cheesy FMV sequences!

REmake aside, the original Resident Evil 1 is still a pretty fun classic horror game. Exploring the huge manor hiding a ton of secrets was such a great concept. A fun world to explore with a lot of plot twists, a classic!

#01 Resident Evil – Code: Veronica
Original release date: February 2000
Available on Sega Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360

That's right! I have no shame to admit, Code: Veronica is my favorite entry in the series!

Resident Evil Code: Veronica is a fantastic experience!

For me it was the perfect evolution of the Resident Evil series. Ditching the classic pre-rendered backgrounds for a real-time 3D environment.

It was still a classic survival horror game while adding some actual action-oriented mechanics didn't detract too much from the original concept.

It's also the Resident Evil entry with the craziest non-sensical storyline, but that's why I always love it. (It's not any crazier than RE4 that's all I can say!)

I'm kind of sad the series' now fully embraced its action-oriented status, but let's see if Capcom can surprise us with 7. I always felt like the proper continuation to the Resident Evil series should have been closer Cold Fear. Which kept the cinematic angles for the exploration while allowing for 3rd person direct controls by the press of a button.

Anyways, that's it for "My Top 3 Personal Favorite Resident Evil games!"

My favorite entries are clearly the older survival horror episodes, but I can enjoy parts and bits of the newer games occasionally.

Like I said above, this is my own personal list, you don't have to share the same tastes as myself. Don't hesitate to write down your own picks in the comments below, I'll be sure to have a look!

See you next time for another Top List Countdown!

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