Wednesday, November 30, 2016

1PanelReview RoboCop 3 (Master System)

A slightly better RoboCop 3 game.

What it is: RoboCop 3 (Master System)

Which is: A sidescroller platformer/run & gun action game
Created by: Eden Entertainment Software/Ocean Software/Flying Edge/Acclaim Entertainment/Sega/Orion Pictures/TecToy
Year: 1993 (Br. 1996)
Available on: Sega Master System

 After the huge success of Paul Verhoeven's classic RoboCop, several video game adaptations followed suit after each entry in the film trilogy. RoboCop 3 received several console adaptations, with the main versions being the NES title and the Super NES game by Ocean Software which was famous for its difficulty and frustrating gameplay. And its that later version that would be ported by Eden Entertainment and Flying Edge to different Sega systems.

Once more, it's a fairly basic sidescroller run & gun title, more or less following the plot of the third film in the great lines. Let's have a look at the Sega Master System one.

What's Good about it: This version of RoboCop 3 is more of a shooter than all past previous RoboCop titles.
Murphy can still jump (and how high!) and fire.
There's various levels each including little mission objectives, like rescuing the other cops or freeing hostages. Those stages are broken down into smaller levels. There's a lot of platform, a ton of enemies and even some surprising boss fights. 
You can collect alternate weapons and repair kits to restore your health (no repair shop like on the NES!).
They were quite creative with the boss fights and made up some fun crazy creative robots to face off!
Also the game doesn't bother trying to stick too close from the ridiculous RoboCop 3 plot,aside from encountering the Japanese Otomo robot a couple of times and facing some of them at the OCP Headquarters at the end.

What's Bad about it: RoboCop 3 is not particularly fun. And it's not particularly pretty neither. In face it's kind of ugly. And let's not even talk about the non-existent sound...
Ammo comes very limited. And once you have no more weapons on hand and run out of bullets, you will have to make do with mere punches.
There's also some really tough annoying top-down jetpack stages in between new locations...
And those Otomo guys are a real pain in the back, as they were in the film, they never stop jumping around like idiots...

Overall: RoboCop 3 on the Master System is still a pretty bad game, but it's just slightly better than its NES counterpart.

The Master System, Game Gear and Mega Drive versions of the game were all based on the SNES release rather than the NES one. They're all the same overall game, featuring similar looking visuals. The MS game is a bit simpler but it also helps get rid of the more frustrating parts of the game.

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