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MR Jack Frost 2

Jack is baaaaack!~

While the first film managed to feature snowmen in every single background of every scene, the sequel didn't even use any snow at all! It's all just shaving cream and papier-mâché from this point onward!

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Movie: Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman also stylized JACK2FROST
Directed by Michael Cooney
Release date 2000
Genre Slasher/Horror comedy B-movie
Country USA

The original 1997 Jack Frost was a very goofy but fun low-budget horror comedy B-movie. They didn't have much cash to make the film but made the most of it by simply sticking pretty close to the usual clichés of the slasher genre... with a killer snowman!

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman is an attempt to recapture the magic, with even less budget this time. Less money, less talent involved, less killer snowman screentime, less of anything resembling a plot but just as much heart and passion.

And it turned out... well, let's see what the movie's about first.

Our story takes place the following Christmas (it actually was directed the following year, but the film would be stuck for three years without any distributor).

We are back with Sheriff Sam Tiler, the cop that survived the encounter with the mutant serial killer snowman Jack Frost. After the events of the first film nobody aside from the survivors believe this crazy story. His wife suggests to get away from town and they should go to the wedding of his deputy and his secretary on a tropical resort in the Bahamas.

Meanwhile some scientists working for the FBI dug up the antifreeze that was used to kill Jack at the end of the first film for tests. They're conducting all sorts of tests, without any luck, when suddenly they revive Jack by... spilling some coffee in the tank of antifreeze! Which wakes up Jack! He reforms and immediately starts to kill, now deadlier and more powerful than ever! Jack is able to track him down to the tropics. You see when some of Sam's blood spilled into the antifreeze it connected them both, somehow!

Back in the tropical island our protagonists are greeted by some eccentric characters, including this zany old colonel (played by actor Ray Cooney, the father of our film director) and "Captain Fun".

Jack finally arrives and he quickly starts killing people left and right, starting with some girls with an "hilarious" anvil gag and a few icicles. At first the Colonel tries to cover things up but Sam starts noticing something is amiss as the killings pile up. Sam and a really different-looking Agent Manners from the FBI (since the character was recasted, they hand-wave some ridiculous explanation how he got a facelift between films) try to come up with plans to capture or destroy Jack but everything fails. Jack finally freezes the whole resort. People are happy at first, starting a snowball fights, but once Jack joins in he kills most of them.

They're finally able to locate coolants and try the same plan as last time.. only this time it doesn't work since Jack has grown used to antifreeze. One of Jack's "snowballs" left behind hatches into a baby snowman! A mini-Jack! Jack's now spawning dangerous mini-Jacks all over the place!

They're able to make him explode... with bananas! Because Sam's allergic to bananas, and he passed it down through the blood sample! Sam makes Jack Frost explode throwing a banana attached on an arrow!!

The film contains two post-credit scenes. The last one shows they left the married couple.. to die in the freezer!? But the first one's the big cliffhanger: a boat at sea is destroyed by... a giant carrot! Announcing the return of a kaiju-sized giant Jack Frost in a sequel that never came!!

The film was once more written and directed by Jack Frost 1's creator, Michael Cooney, who's mostly a movie writer these days.

The film is cheap. There's not any other way to put it, and the first one was already a low-budget B-movie. This is like a C or D-movie... The film has a very unpleasant digital "video look", which always damages these sort of low-budget direct-to-video films.

It was a lot cheaper to make. They now had a worse-looking Jack suit, cheaper than ever. Which explains why the film often focuses on Jack in his carrot or liquid water forms, and why they put so much focus on the mini-Jacks with their silly voices. I'm sure filming a carrot on strings was a lot cheaper than affording a whole snowman suit.

It gives some scenes some charm but makes most of the rest of the film also quite boring.

And it also rained all the way through filming... which resulted in a tropical island without any actual sun.

The cast is pretty bad, more than half of these people couldn't act to save their lives. There's some returning faces like the original Sam Tiler, actor Christopher Allport reprising his role, as well as his deputy played by Chip Heller and also Scott MacDonald returning to voice our killer snowman Jack Frost. And there's also Doug Jones in this!

The original was a fun goofy horror comedy film filled with - believe it or not - actual decent dark comedy humor.

The sequel still have its moments. Some kills are great, people get splattered, frozen to death, and worse. Some left over ideas from the first film. They're often hilarious. But over the course of the film Jack mostly impales his victims with icicles.

The film can be kind of fun. Seeing how Jack is able to randomly recreate his entire attire bit by bit is pretty original, grabbing a carrot here, then a scarf, etc.

Other times the film is really bad, borrowing from much better films. Like an necessary blatant rip-off of the Gremlins scene with the mini-Jacks.

Some stuff don't even make any sense... like for some reason, whenever Agent Manners pop on screen you always get the random generic twist musical cue-jingle... it gets old pretty fast.

Most of the humor ends up coming from how cheap everything is this time around despite a more ambitious screenplay, the rest is just forced humor and a tacky scenario that doesn't really help anything.

Our killer snowman does one too many awful attempts at bad jokes and catchphrases. The occasional gore is.. well, still gory and hilarious. But there's simply not enough of it to save the film.

The deaths are never scary, neither shocking or original.

And the music was some of the worst I've heard from the genre...

Overall, Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman is not exactly what you'd expect from the title.

This could have been killed "Killer snowball-puppets on a backstage parking lot disguised as an island resort". While the first one was kind of a competent goofy cheesy slasher film, this second film is just a bad movie.... but a ridiculously fun bad movie!

Depending on your stance on bad movies you might enjoy the whole thing for what it's trying to be, but it's also terribly boring for the most part. Nothing much makes any send. And the best part is what the ending tries to allude to.

Director Michael Cooney wanted to make one last third final entry in his so called-Jack Frost trilogy, Jack Frost 3: Jackzilla, but it looks like we might never see it. Although these sort of special effects might be cheaper to realize nowadays.

If you want to watch a better "mutant" horror comedy film watch the first film. Or watch Attack of The Killer Tomatoes instead...

I give it:
1.5 / 3 RebBrowns!

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