Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#Troubleshooting RIP Computer 2011-2016

I haven't been as active online as I wanted to be..

In case you're wondering why, my computer is slowing dying a painful death.
As in, I keep getting Blue Screens of Death(TM) since this past week.

Usually while trying to upload something online (say, a drawing) or simply while booting windows...

It's... really annoying since I'm currently in the process of moving out. I will be offline for a while until I get the new place settled and now I will also be apparently computer-less. And this is not exactly the time I wanted to be forced to spend some cash on a new computer (what with the new furniture to buy....)

I was planning on finishing every commission I still had to complete before the end of the year.
I wanted to draw more XmasPinups.
And I wanted to make some more Xmas-themed reviews for my blog (including a non-Xmas one Silent Hill review long-in-the-making).

Anyways, I just wanted to give you all an explanation for my silence.
I can really only go online while I'm at work.

I spend all my evenings trying to fix this issue.

Here's a few BSOD I've been getting:
I have Win7 in case you want to know.

I tried googling for some solutions, I tried everything...
- malware scans
- letting windows updates do its job... but it always get stuck. I even let it run an entire night, no success.. but after that I rebooted my computer and it did ran 13 updates (of 140!) but it is now stuck crashing all the time. I tried doing offline updates but that lead nowhere...
- updating all my drivers.. which caused my computer to loop on a startup screen-crash-loop, so I uninstalled those in safe mode
- a scan-dumb of the BSODs.. which caused my computer to become instable and never be able to reboot before I disabled that in safe mode
- reading the dumb files to locate the driver(s) causing an issue, I located one major driver causing the problem, but I am not able to update it as of now. I identified some drivers causing troubles in the STOP message on the BSOD
- resetting my BIOS to default status

I think I identify what might be causing my problems:
- the RAMs are dead
- the motherboard is dead
- Windows update started updates that it never finished, now I'm stuck
- a stupid updated driver - probably a nVidia one - is causing all this

My solution:
None so far. I can't get my computer stable enough to update anything.. or try fixing something...
I'm losing patience AND time (I won't have access to internet for a while around next week...)
Or I finally have to buy a new computer... I had this one since 2011 tho. But NOW's not exactly a time to buy a new computer, I would really rather wait February...

*goes hiding in a corner...*

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