Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#Troubleshooting RIP Computer 2011-2016 #update

Ok, another entire evening spent trying to fix my computer.

I've been installing everything in safe mode. I managed to remove a ton of drivers, windows and non-windows ones. I think the problem lies with the windows update, which I can't edit/remove while in safe mode...
I just need to be able to boot windows 7 once so I can finally stop those updates...

I even ended on a screen I never saw until now!!!

While in safe mode I clearly identified the cause of the crashes:
WINDOWS itself! No other external app!

Let's see if I can delete and remove anything that might cause my computer harm.. wish me luck!

And once again: Sorry for the lack of updates on my blog! I really wanted to make more Xmas-reviews... sigh..

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