Thursday, December 22, 2016

#Troubleshooting RIP Computer 2011-2016 #update 2

#update 2Alright, this will be the 2nd time I try writing this post, the computer crashed on me when I was trying to upload the dump files...

I'm gonna try explaining you where I'm currently stuck. I could try writing this on some tech savvy website, but I don't know which one. (Are there some IT folks in here to help?)

I thought I add narrowed down the reason I keep getting BSOD crashes, but each time the solution didn't end up helping anything. I spend quite a lot of evenings after work checking out various websites and forums, no luck so far.

I already:
- ran a memory test, no issues apparently. It's not hardware-related.
- uninstalled a lot of recent added apps
- deleted various driver updates
- stopped and deleted recent windows updates, which I was convinced was the reason behind all this since the update I did was right when all this started
- uninstalled a lot of nVidia-related graphic card updates, now my computer's super sluggish! yay!
- removed any Symantec, Norton and AVG remnants

I was finally able to break off a crash-loop which stuck me on my boot screen. Things seemed ok at first, but the computer still crashes whenever I try upload something online (on my blog or deviantart, etc.)
- I thought it was firefox related, but it also crashes on chrome
- It even makes Safe mode crashes! isn't safe mode supposed to be, well, safe?!

I'm losing all my time and not figuring anything... I'm running out of options, I will probably have to buy a new computer but I wanted to keep that option for last.

My tech:
Windows 7 home premium SP1. It's an Acer Predator G3600. 16GB RAM, 64-bit.
I was finally able to upload a few dmp files here:
which is what crashed my computer last time while I first wrote all this...

I'm losing patience and losing my mind. I'm about to either throw the computer or myself out of the window... (Seriously it's been over a week of trying to fix my computer EVERY EVENING!!)

I'm going to try having to buy a new rig for last, cause it's the end of December and money's pretty tight...

Anyone has any idea to help!?

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