Tuesday, January 3, 2017

MR Robowar

A couple days late, here's my yearly Reb Brown B-movie review to kick off another year!

It's REB BROWN time!!! We will need a lot more hemp before we're through-

Movie: Robowar, originally titled Robot da guerra
Directed by Bruno Mattei
Release date 1988
Genre Action/Science-fiction/Horror B-movie
Country USA/Italy/Philippines

Overall, Robowar is a really fun dumb movie.

It's another fantastic B-movie knockoff from notorious Italian filmmaker Bruno Mattei. Mattei was a big master of these cheap quickly made Italian knockoffs and made a name for himself with the likes of Shocking Dark (alternatively known as "Terminator II", with a dash of Aliens) and Strike Commando (also starring Reb Brown, basically Rambo with some Mad Max in it). And Robowar is no different. It's a huge ripoff of Predator, with some elements of RoboCop thrown into it. Think of it as a Predator fanfilm from people who didn't exactly remember the plot of Predator. It follows the exact same beats.. more or less. The characters end up shooting the jungle every time they glimpse at the creature... several times.

Reb starts off the film with an hilarious shirt stolen from his son (probably). Every time the guys walks in the forest we're treated to the most badass soundtrack to ever grace a film. Reb Brown yells a lot throughout the film. There's a lot of lines taken directly from Predator.

The titular robot has an ugly Predator-like vision with a mess of a cluster of information like RoboCop. It keeps shouting these random words all the time. And it just looks like a cheap motorcycle suit.

Reb Brown basically shoots all the kids taken hostage by himself while freeing a village.

It all leads to an epic confrontation inside a small house.. but wait! The movie's not over! Will we get the big mano-a-mano duel in the.. nope. The movie's finally over. That was kind of random?

It's Reb Brown & cie shooting things in a jungle with a derivative plot taken from Predator. It's really fun. The robot itself was a major letdown which is why I can't rate this film any higher.

I give it:
2 / 3 RebBrowns!

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