Tuesday, January 3, 2017

#Drawings - 2016 recap!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Another year, time for yet another "Summary of Art"!
This year I used this template over here: http://fav.me/daqczvs
As usual I tried to cover as many different sort of art and projects I did this year.

References for my illustrations below:
January: One-Punch Man brought me back into mangas recently. Easily my favorite new series! http://fav.me/d9p1xiy
February: I continued with the Daily Sketch Challenge through the year! http://fav.me/d9qdd1j
March: I finally got some of my comics up on Comixology, starting with RubberMan! http://fav.me/d9vd6j6
April: The ObscuriJam was fun: http://fav.me/da0v6g2
May: For this year's AbbyMayAThon I decided to make a first proper Abby Bee full comic: http://fav.me/da48ixy
June: LORD DOMINATOR BEST VILLAIN} I already miss the show... http://fav.me/da7maw6
July: This year I played with some light silly animations: http://fav.me/dabchpw
August: I've been totally obsessed with Don't Hug Me I'm Scared in summer, thanks to MatPat: http://fav.me/dafmdko
September: This month saw the return of @atomictiki 's Bunny Girl Jam, and I decided to have some of my characters join in the fun: http://fav.me/dah1935
October: This Halloween saw the return of my Horror-a-Thon reviews on my blog: http://fav.me/dammnvb
November: For this year's NaNoMangO I decided to bring back Zelda Deetz in a whole new story, "Time Rift": http://fav.me/daphga5
December - This Christmas I decided to make some more XmasGals pinups, closing the month with my own original creations: http://fav.me/das64xb

Previous years:

That's all folks!~

Art © :icontheeyzmaster: Eyz 2017.

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