Wednesday, June 14, 2017

#E3 Day 3 - Nintendo swoops in

This E3's been pretty boring if you ask around. But aside from a few titles nothing really caught my attention.

Then Nintendo came in with the return of several of their classic franchises, and everyone's losing their pants! Even though I'm not a huge fan of their newly announced games, it's nice to see them bring a strong game to help keep the Switch "relevant" (for the lack of a better word).

First up lemme just say, wow! They actually announced an actual new Pokémon game would be coming to their main home console! Well, kinda expected since the Switch appears to also double as their new handheld system. (How much do you want to bet the 3DS' about to be shelved aside in the next 2-3 years?) Nothing to show for this E3, since it just entered production.

But they really wanna impress with their new console and don't let it be just a casual (Wii) or underrated (Gamecube) thing.

Super Mario Odyssey got a lot of the show for itself. Showing off new levels, new gimmicks, etc.

I'm not totally into it, to be honest. But Mario hijacking stuff with his hat (taxi cabs! actual people!), the funky music and a friggin' TREX!!! This does look fun!

They showed a new Kirby game, for now just simply called "Kirby". (I think it's gonna end up like "Kirby Switch" or "Kirby's Re-return to Dreamland, Again"..):

A more classical approach to Kirby, finally. Looks neat and colorful.

Then out of nowhere, BLAM! New Metroid game! And not another silly random spinoff. But an actual new game. In the Metroid Prime series! Actually Metroid Prime 4!!

They just had to show a logo to get people crazy about this one. "Nintendo won E3" is now trending on the interwebz.

On Switch, next year.

And they followed that by announcing another more classical "2.5D" sidescroller Metroid game, called Metroid: Samus Returns, for 3DS (no Switch version?):

It's actually a sort of remake/reimagining of the older Game Boy title Metroid II: Return of Samus!

And they got Metroid co-director Yoshio Sakamoto on stage discuss about both games and the series.

Suffice to say, people seem to have really adored Nintendo's presentation.

Me? I would have loved the announcement of a new proper Wario game... but I suppose I can keep on dreaming..

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