Wednesday, June 14, 2017

#E3 Sonic Forces cover art

And here's the cover/illustration for the upcoming fancharacter creator/Sonic Generations 2/Sonic 2017 episode, Sonic Forces!

Well. It is what it is. A create-a-character dude on the cover. Classic Sonic's return sans his own Classic Universe. Post-apocalyptic Sonic 2006-style world. And new Metal Sonic robot(?).

I hope the gameplay's great, Sonic Lost Worlds left so much to be desired.. (It was a decent game, with a really cumbersome gameplay experience...)

Update: And here's a lot of gameplay footage, courtesy from

Update #2: AND a new trailer, from Nintendo's show. Showing the game's new main villain, which I can guess Eggman released by accident, "Infinite". More importantly, since the game will throw back stuff from the past, Sonic Generations-style, this Infinite character will team up with older villains from past games... surprise, surprise! Shadow is back as a villain! Alongside Metal Sonic! Chaos! Zavok (?) from Lost Worlds!

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