Wednesday, July 19, 2017

#FightingNEWS A bunch of new characters coming soon to a bunch of recent fighters

I feel I should have written a world about a bunch of news regarding #fightinggames that came up during this year's EVO tournament...

Well, let's do this.

First up, Capcom announced a new big brawler for SFV! His name is Abigail, and here's his introduction trailers:

O..kay. Not exactly feeling him, both design-wise and gameplay-wise...

He does seem fun, but I think I need to warm up to his over-the-top look and try him out to make a better impression...

At the same time, Namco Bandai announced the first of their new additions to Tekken 7. AND WOAH!! I did not expect this! I knew Harada said the DLC characters would feature another guest from a series he love, and then....

Geese!!! No, I mean seriously, it's Geese Howard from the SNK's Fatal Fury/King of Fighters series!! And it seems they will try incorporating him into the universe of Tekken as much as they did with Akuma!! It's an unnofficial Capcom Vs SNK Vs Namco dream come true! Almost!! Sorry Abigail, but Geese Howard in Tekken got my attention.

Capcom was not in rest, featuring Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite at the event. We finally got to see some new characters in action, such as Gamora (in her Marvel NOW attire). And during the matches we finally got a new reveal in the form of Jedah, a boss from Vampire/Darkstalkers:

Wow! He looks dope! I did not expect to ever see him again, specially not in 3D!

And while we're at it, the upcoming Arc Systems Dragon Ball FighterZ got plenty of coverage and representation there. It seems the game's gaining a ton of good press and fans, not only amongst DBZ fans but also fighting game veterans. They also announced Future Trunks to the roster!

At the same time in Japan, Piccolo and Krilin were just announced:

Shaping up like a new roster!

But really the thing that got me the most hyped for the genre was the proper reveal and announcement of Arika's upcoming new fighter! That's right the developers behing the fan favorite Street Fighter EX spinoff series showed a build of their upcoming return to the fighting game genre! A spiritual successor to their three Street Fighter EX games and the arcade game Fighting Layers. A Fighting Layers EX, if you will (no official title so far, but fans are already calling it that). And what better way to announce it by simply showing Skullomania will be part of it!

Check it out:

In my eyes this almost looks like what I hoped SFIV/SFV would be!

First announced through a silly April's Fool "prank", it's now an actual upcoming fighter for the PS4, in 2018. The game's official title is still "undecided". And some still believe it's all just a joke or simply DLC coming to SFV through returning developer Arika..

Wait and see...

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