Thursday, July 6, 2017

#MarvelNEWS Spider-Man: Homecoming "Civil War Vlog" Extended Movie Clip

Did you enjoy the Thor+Daryl shorts that tied-in Civil War and the upcoming Thor Ragnarok? Well, Marvel is sort of bringing their shorts and these funny tie-ins back.

Remember the "vlog" segments of the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers? Well, here they all are joined together as a 4-minute short in anticipation of this week's release of Spider-Man: Homecoming! Enjoy this funny short prologue to the film:


  1. That's the first 4 minutes of the actual movie, too. Saw it last night, it's in my opinion the best Spider-Man film yet! They perfected the way of telling a good Spidey story around the character. (And everybody else having different backgrounds & ethnicity reflecting how a Brooklyn, New York school would really look like is A-plus stuff)
    You also absolutely have to stay till the very end of the film!

    1. Color my hyped!
      Hopefully I get to see it this weekend.