Sunday, February 18, 2018

#BlogReview Black Panther

So I just came back from watching BLACK PANTHER on the big screen!

Man, it feels like I’ve waited forever for this one! [Minor spoilers ahead]
And that’s right, by the way. The movie was released wednesday over here in Switzerland.

I still don’t see why some detractors keep saying all Marvel movies look the same, or that we’re getting superhero fatique. If films keep being as unique, original and different as this one, this can go pretty long. It’s the bad ones that make people say stuff like this.

Anyways, onto Black Panther itself.
This felt like both a satisfying self-contained original story as well as a big important part of the MCU moving forward. After his great introduction in Civil War, it’s great to see King T’Challa getting his own movie!

The story was bold, fun and such a great colorful scifi film!

The action scenes were pretty intense. While I always find the Panther pretty fun to look at and incredibly badass on real life-screen, it was two “powerless” fights atop a waterfall that impressed me the most. Those fights were so tense and captivating, I was on the hedge of my seat!!
And it was still a big part of the Marvel Universe. I specially liked how characters introduced in previous films - Andy Serkis’ Klaue in Age of Ultron and Martin Freeman’s Ross - were repurposed and used in Black Panther!

The entire cast was pretty amazing!

I didn’t follow much of the spoils, trailers and announcements, so I was pretty pleasantly surprised to see Forest Whitaker turning in another solid performance in the film. Danai Gurira impressed me a lot, she’s not just TV material. Lupita Nyong'o was, of course, amazing and as captivating as always. And I ended up enjoying quite a lot this very young take on  Shuri, played by Letitia Wright unlike what I feared at first.
My only real complaint was that this ended up being yet another hero vs. double opposite-type of Marvel film. But at least the story was much better brought up than some other superhero films out there. And our main villain almost turned out sympathetic by the end (quite in a similar fashion as Zemo in Civil War, which even gets a few shoutouts in this film).

Some surprises, like the way they smartly incorporated the other tribes/Black Panther rivals in this MCU version.

I liked seeing elements of classic Kirby Black Panther as well as modern elements from Christopher Priest’s run.

And a special mention to White Gorilla and how randomly funny and enjoyable this character (and his BADASS tribe) turned out to be.
Really, this was a really fun, unique and very enjoyable ride!

I didn’t wanna leave Wakanda there, at the end. (Specially leaving the theater to a pretty gray-sh rainy day over here..)

The music was A-MAZING! The visuals GORGEOUS! The humor was present, but not overblown either. The tech - impressive!

I can’t wait to see a lot more of Black Panther and Wakanda in future films.
The post-credit sequences were prety one-note (hello, Bucky!).

Oh, and also...

W A K A N D A   F O R E V E R !!!!!

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