Monday, May 14, 2018

#DeletedScenes 2018 TREMORS series — trailer

A new Tremors finally was recently released on direct-to-video, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell, but we almost just got a new Tremors TV show featuring the return of the one and only Kevin Bacon, returning from Tremors 1!

SyFy almost greenlit this new Tremors series..

And now the Bacon himself just leaked this scrapped trailer which gives us a look at what might have been...

Would it have been cheesy fun and good like the old show? Or a crappy cash-in? You decide, for now just enjoy this trailer and imagine...

TREMORS series -- trailer from Valentine McKee on Vimeo.

Taking place a decade after the original... Ignoring the sequels and older show.. And returning the action back to the town of Perfection, Nevada.

It could have been good. I feel that's in fact trying way to hard. Ignoring simply the end of the original film. (Not ignoring the various sequels, just the fact the end of the original film put an end to Grabboids in Perfection, no evolution or spawns in other places around the world...!)

I dunno, I'm not sure I could have enjoyed this without Burt Gummer. No Michael Gross, no Tremors for me!

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