Tuesday, July 10, 2018

#AnimeNEWS Dragon Ball Super Theatrical Film Revealed

So we finally got a better look at the upcoming new Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Super movie.... and it turns out it's going to be a "canon" reboot of Broly written and supervised by Akira Toriyama.... Woah??

That's right, after 3 DBZ movies and a sort of reimagined version in Dragon Ball Super, Broly's getting yet another film!

So let's have a new look at the previous teaser:

It gives a completely different look at that teaser. So it turns out that mysterious saiyan we glimpsed was Broly all along! (Which some fans had guessed earlier on might have been related to Broly or a form of Legendary Super Saiyan..)

The movie's expected to hit Japan on December 14 (and later worldwide, like the last two films).

Source: Courtesy from kanzenshuu.

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