Friday, June 11, 2010

AtariMusic: Ghostbusters! Bwahahahaha!

It's Karaoke time!!


  1. Hah! Bad game, yet neat music rendition!

  2. My uncle used to play that game with me all the time on the Commadore 64. It was great, and in fact, I loved it so much I never touched the game when he wasn't around.

    It used to be OUR game as uncle and nephew, and that rendition of the song still brings back the memories. In fact, it's cause of those game sessons that I STILL don't consider this game to be a "bad" game like everyone else does- it's very similar to a lot of modern games in presentation, just not as good cause they didn't have the technology. :)
    Kind of how the crappy E.T. Atari game had a gimmick very similar to a certain british N64 game starring a squirrel, but failed cause it didn't utilise it anywhere near as well as it could. ;)

    I miss how my uncle used to be. He used to be a really funny guy who would make all kinds of jokes with you, he's kind of become less of a person, and more of an extention of my aunt lately.

  3. Woah! Great story!
    Sounds like you had fun with your uncle before!

    It's kinda sad, how he isn't anymore like he used to be!...