Friday, July 9, 2010

Alan Moore: Monsters, Maniacs and Moore

Hey comic-fans!

Today, I got a pretty nice british documentary about and hosted by Alan Moore!

A great classic comic book writer, a genius and a bit of a mad scientist all rolled up into one hairy guy.
Since I was planning on having reviews of some of his work on this blog pretty soon, I thought this could equally serve as an introduction to his mind and the way the man thinks.

Have fun!
(pretty fun to have going on in the background while you're drawing/writing/working/playing something)

"Would you say you have sort of a messiah complex?
-Well i wouldn't cut my hair this way if i didn't."


  1. If there's a guy who just scares me by looks alone, Alan Moore fits that description to a T! I'd be very intimidated if I was directly in front of him.

  2. When you see him talkin', he seems like a nice and down-to-earth kind of guy :P

    But if you had to judge him by his looks only...