Friday, May 6, 2011

Movie NEWS! Conan & X-men new trailers

Time for a new round of trailers!
First up the real actual trailer for the upcoming Conan the barbarian movie!

We've already saw some first pics and the teaser.
Now we get a better look thanks to this real trailer.
I gotta say...not really confident here..could turn out boring... Too much trying the realistic modern approach loses the fun sometimes. (the new live Street Fighter movie compared to the JCVD one from the 90's anyone?)

And now, here's a bunch of character-centric trailers for that X-Men: First Class movie!

First, Havok:

Alex Summers? So they'll keep him related to Cyclops in the movie? Will Scott Summers' comics brother become his father? Uncle perhaps? (note in case you forgot: this "lackbuster" takes place waaaay back in the past, in the ~60s)

The Beast: comment.
(as good as it gets in these "sort of" movies by Fox...)

And finally Banshee:

Wow...the crazy Irish X-Men is in this movie?
Nerds are already trying to connect him to the Syrin cameo in the previous movies...guess what guys? It was only a cameo and has nothing to do with this "new" character.
And I don't imagine the writers/producers involved in First Class thought this as much as you're doing!

The movie's still looking like a big hit or miss... (looming towards the "miss" moreso..)

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