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Today's subject isn't the kinda game that gets mentioned around.
I mean, even on "Top List of 16-bit games" or obscure 90s action/shooter games, not even on "Worst" or Bad lists.
It just isn't remember in any sort of way.

Which is sad, because this budget Megaman clone from EA is actually quite fun.

VGR: B.O.B. also known as Space Funky B.O.B.
From Gray Matter Interactive/Foley Hi-Tech Systems/Electronic Arts
Played on Megadrive
Also available on SNES and PSP

Type Sidescroller shooter/action game 
Year 1993

Developed by Gray Matter for the SNES originally, it was then co-developed by Foley Hi-Tech Systems who ported it simultaneously on Sega's 16-bit system. (which is the version I actually own).

B.O.B. might seem like a pretty silly game on the first look, the main character is a big part of it, but it is actually pretty nice.

You play as the eponymous B.O.B. - a sort of alien/robot guy living the 90s (if one might say so~)
B.O.B. is one of those typical mascot characters from that time with a serious case of "dude with 'tude" attitude.

Anyway, he was on his way for a date with his "babe"  when suddenly he managed to crash his parent's car...
He has to fix it up and escape a planet full of dangerous creatures and bogus robots to make it on time for his date!!

Simply put, the game sort of works like a Megaman, gameplay-wise.
B.O.B. has to fight his way through hordes of flying critters, annoying little enemies on the ground, walls, etc.
To do so B.O.B. can fight back with various kinds of weapons, spring away, fly and more!

To help you do so B.O.B. can be equipped with "remotes" via a select menu pretty similar to Capcom's blue bomber.
These remotes are either new kinds of weapons or gadgets.
Like a 3-blasts sort of shotgun, a flamethrower, a rocket launcher, etc.
Or a trampoline, an helicopter.
Both kinds of remotes run on ammo, so be careful to watch out for the available stock. Then you'll be reduced to your punch (which you can also select whenever)!

You can't select your own level though, you have to make it across several stages you take on this hostile asteroid, one by one in a main map HUB.

And the stages have to be cleared quickly even though they are sort of labyrinthic.
If the time runs out, you'll die!

For some reason there's also lots of written quotes, B.O.B. can't stop talking, making radical comments and observations.
B.O.B. sure is one cool cat!

And like a precursor to Crash Bandicoot, B.O.B. has a lot of random funny different death animations.

It's your typical sidescrolling shoot, simple but fun.

The game does look like it originally started as a shareware-kind of game on Dos.
(I wonder...)

The music gets quickly very repetitive, there's like only 3-4 songs for all of the game's levels.

At least the gameplay changes here and there to offer some variety, with some flying in a little craft at some points.

Overall, I like it.
It's definitively not a very good or original game, but it's fun!

It does get a bit repetitive (specially since the game's long, there's lots of stages, but no much environments besides caves - in lave or acid, hi-tech HQs, and..huh different colored caves). But it's not that long once you get to it.

You need some reflexes though, those enemies do like to appear suddenly on screen to kill you.
There's no many real bosses and some cart-racing portions.

Some have called it a sort of parody of the Megadrive's Alien3 game. And for good reason. (very similar in gameplay style, maze-like levels and environments)

A fun little title sadly forgotten.

I give it:
 2 / 3 Invaders!

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