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VGR DuckTales

Time for a new review!

Those who follow me on twitter might know I wasn't in the mood much, lately.
But let's not delve on that and keep things positive around here. (which I tried)

Like Konami's Tiny Toons, this one is yet another classic licensed Nes platformer.
During the 80s until the early 90s Capcom was able to get the copyright of various Disney characters. And since they add such a popular gaming series in the form of Mega Man, they decided to use that same formula for a bunch of other games.

Here's the perfect example of Capcom at its finest back then, the cult, the one and only....

VGR: Disney's DuckTales
From Capcom
Played on Nes
Also available on Game Boy

Type Sidescrolling platformer
Year 1989

The year was 1989.
Two things were at their peak of popularity back then, videogames - thanks to the Nes - and the animated series DuckTales which was on the forefront of Disney's cartoons and launching into its 3rd season at the time.
A videogame adaptation was only a natural step for this long running franchise originally adapted itself from the classic Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge comic books.

Speaking of popularity, Capcom was at its height as well, surfing at the top during the golden age of videogames thanks to their Mega Man series.
Since so many were making Mega Man clones or making their own simple action games based on Capcom classic, it was only natural to base this DuckTales game on their two instalment (so far) of the blue bomber.
Simple, obvious and a quick way to offer a practical and fun action game.

The game puts you in the shoes of Scrooge McDuck as he travels the world to collect various treasures to become the richest duck in the world.
Err, I mean richester(?).
Wasn't he already the richest person alive?

During his quest you'll find plenty of classic DuckTales characters around to either help you or interact (which wasn't that common at the time actually), they can offer you directions and hints like an early form of tutorial in gaming.
Such as Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, Gizmo Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Gyro Gearloose (in the bonus level), etc!

The game offers a non-linear progression - that means you can select any level you want, in the order you want to and even go back to earlier levels to collect more treasures.
Scrooge is trying to collect legendary treasures rumored to be hidden in African Mines, Amazon, Transylvania, Himalayas and even The Moon!!

The game was developed by game artist Keiji Inafune and his team at Capcom.
So of course it features a platform gameplay quite similar to Mega Man.
It even share some graphics and sounds here and there.

Scrooge jumps with the A-button. And you can use his cane with the B-button.
The cane doubles as a weapon against enemies/strike objects like a golf cane as well as a pogo stick, by just jumping then pressing B+down.

Following Inafun's typical quality, the graphics are tight and precise. The gameplay plays around this fun original gimmick.
And it's such a fun experience thanks to the non-linear levels!

A boss guards each treasure at the end of the levels.
You need to go around all levels, after the various treasure then it's back to Transylvania for the final boss!

There's a ton of collectible items to help you gain more money along the way.
As well as some hidden treasures as well!
The game offer some alternate endings too. Collect at least $10,000,000 for the true ending (and there's another fun ending - much more challenging, finishing the game with $0!!!)

The music is classic Capcom!
There's some actual recognizable themes from the TV series and the rest is just as much memorable and catchy!
(dat Moon-level music!!)

Overall, it's a fantastic game!
Exactly what you'd expect from a traditional NES platformer.
Fun, challenging, beautiful and memorable.

The gameplay is just so precise and easy to get!
It's one of those games where you know when you die it's because of you, the player, and not the game.

The title was later ported to the original Game Boy with some slight changes. But not much though.
There also was a DuckTales 2, but that is something for another day...

I give it:
3 / 3 Bruces!

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  1. Ah, yes, the Duck Tales game. Nowadays, it's increasingly rare proof of a time when Capcom could actually make a decent game and not screw it up somehow. This is one of only a few titles I wish I'd had the good sense to actually buy instead of just rent.