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CBR Ghost OMNIBUS: Vol. 3

You thought life was though, try death!

Ghost is back fighting for the very soul of her city once more!

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Comic title: Ghost OMNIBUS: Volume 3
Art by Ivan Reis, H.M. Baker, John Cassaday
Written by Erik Luke, Martin Lodewyk

Published by Dark Horse Comics
From 2012
Lineup Ghost
Format: Omnibus-sized Trade Paperback collecting Ghost #27-#36, Ghost Special #2-3, and “The Woes of Sinful Bachelors” from Dark Horse Presents #145–#147.

Ghost Omnibus Volume 3 collects the final part of Ghost's original first series under the writing of Erik Luke.

After the end of the story arcs presented in the first two Omnibuses, Ghost had more or less all of her origin story's issues resolved for good.

Although she was still searching for a lost tape regarding her death, she knew who she was more or less, had most of her memories back, defeated her inner demons, found back her sister Margo (even though she died in the end) and Ghost had become now the "Sentinel of Arcadia"!

Volume 3 here collects the end of her original run, that consists mostly of the years 1997-98.

The story picks up right where the last issue/omnibus left us, on an unresolved cliffhanger.

Elisa Cameron aka Ghost finds herself trapped by her villainess Dr. October, back in full power apparently. She has also captured X, King Tiger and Focus. Somehow, someone saved her and upgraded her. She has now stolen Ghost's allies' powers and abilities. But the story is cut short, they defeat her quickly and the story moves on. (seriously, couldn't this issue be collected in the previous book?)

Ghost is now supposed to take care of her city Arcadia since she now wears the key of the underworld. To help her in her quest she can count on Hob, of the Goblin kingdom. The goblins live beneath the city, under the ground, in-between walls, etc. Though Hob acts like an horny teenagers most of the time...

A young woman named Jennifer is forced to suicide because of strange demons. She dons a cape and becomes Elisa's protegée for a while. It was all because of a man, Dr. Trouvaille, who wanted to experiment on the dead. To many people seem to know about the spiritual realm, and Elisa's situation for that matter.

Elisa starts dating Peter Neville, the man she first met in her graveyard back in issue 1. He had been injured and then in a coma up until now. She finds her newfound relationship a rock, a foundation to base her new life.

Margo is back! It looks like her spirit find a way back as well! She becomes Elisa's own ghost, her Silhouette if you will. (call it cheesy if you want, but it just works!) But this is not the Margo she remembers, Silhouette wants to destroy what's more dear to Elisa, her city.

Finally, the book also collects some one shots and short stories from the Dark Horse Presents anthologies.

First, Ghost rescues Barb Wire from a South American businessman, Mr. Borazzon, who seems to know a lot about death, and Ghost. Then insectoid creatures attack a group of people for some reason. A library "Bookworm" turns out to be not as innocent as Elisa thought. Finally, Ghost takes on mob bosses who are trying to fill in the void the underworld took recently.

Also we finally get to see Ghost use her "ghosting" powers in new original (and creepier) ways.

Elisa Cameron still is a very compelling main protagonist.

It seems like Eric Luke was running a bit out of ideas since after all the major story arcs (the underworld, her inner demons) and mysteries concerning her origin we are now treated to people hinting knowing about her past more than her. Several times. And some forms of doppelgänger (with both Jennifer and Maro).

Eric Luke was also overdoing the use of quotes this time. Way too much, drowning the narration and exposition several pages.

The art was still top notch, with some great retuning artists. John Cassaday is still doing interiors along Ivan Reis. Albeit with a lot more cheesecake than in the past (they were trying to desperately sell this book).

And there's some great covers including Tony Harris' who did several of them. Chris Warner as well. And we finally got a return of Adam Hughes for the very last one!

Overall, another very fine book!

This Omnibus marks the end of Ghost's first series with two great 4-part stories, a one shot issue plus some extra tales taken from Dark Horse Presents. Elisa continue to evolve as a character throughout the title.

Now that the major story arcs were resolved it doesn't seem that necessary to pursue the on-going series. Several "crossover" issues or one shots seem to only weight the new direction down.

But it still is a very entertaining comic!

At least the Arcadia underworld plotline is resolved and we get to see the return of Elisa's dead sister wrecking havoc for her desperate vengeance as Silhouette.

I give it:
2 / 3 FlamingCarrots!

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