Thursday, October 31, 2013

#Blog - 2 blog posts in a row, must be Christmas

..or probably Halloween, to be honest.

I just bought the latest all-newly released Astérix comic!

Why am I writing this? Because it's a cornerstone in the series, a big turning point for this classic long running comic book series (or bande dessinée).

Since it's original creation in 1959, this new episode marks the first new artist to take on Asterix & co. Originally drawn (and co-created) by Albert Uderzo, the art will now be handled by Didier Conrad. Uderzo had already previously taking on the writing duties since the death of his co-creator René Goscinny. Now the series will be written by Jean-Yves Ferri. (whom I've so far read nothing about, so while I'm okay on the art part, I'm still not sure about the new writing...)

I'm not sure how have the English translations been done for my pals overseas. From what I gather, erratic releases and too many editors have translated random volumes here and there, right? I hope they take this occasion, a new creative team for the series, to finally secure the rights and offer proper English versions for both the US and the UK. (the distribution in the rest of Europe is usually handled by the series own' "indie" self-publisher Les Editions Albert-René)


Can't wait to check the book later this evening.

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