Monday, November 25, 2013

#DeletedScenes - TMNT2

So we never got the real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 film.

You know what we also didn't get? TMNT2.

That's right, a sequel to the 2007 CGi animated film. tmnt2

Planned alongside the film that was released, it would have seen the actual return of The Shredder. It was already established and hinted in the first one, what with the presence of The Foot and Karai.

And here's the only promotional material made for IMAGI's sequel:

Michaelangelo left alone?! His 3 brothers and Splinter demutated?! Shredder back!!!

Why didn't we get that right off the bat, instead of the scifi-ysh alien thingies?!

Anyways, instead of TMNT2 the animation studios went into a lengthy production for a Gatchaman film that also never got made. An unsuccessful Astroboy film (aww...). And that Zelda movie. No wonder they were, sadly, forced to close down.. (and Nickelodeon bought the rights of the franchise since then)

If like me you liked TMNT but kinda wish they'd have used a more grounded story, better villains and a back to basics approach, then this probably will sadden you too...

Oh well... At least we can look forward to the future. (or not...)

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