Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#Movie NEWS! We're almost getting a new Chucky 7!

Great news for horror fans!

If like me you adored Curse of Chucky, but were kinda let down or confused by the various ending epilogues (so Nica's just gonna end in an asylum now? what happened with the little girl Alice in the end? was that her grandma awakening in the end? what about Andy???) - well, GOOD NEWS, everybody!

Don Mancini, Chucky's creator, just wrote on twitter:

It doesn't confirm the film but it seems it might have been greenlighted behind the scenes, or at least worked on.


Can't wait!

I'll take more episodes of this continuation than a remake any day. Did you know Mancini's probably the last horror creator still working on his own franchise at the moment? All the others have been either taken through several studios/different crews/remades/or rebooted!!

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