Thursday, January 16, 2014

#Cartoon NEWS! A random DC animated film is just out...!?!

So apparently Warner Bros. just did a “stealth release” of their latest new film, the highly unexpected JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time.

It's apparently a new strategy they wanna explore. Releasing new movies without any press release, announcement, trailer or teaser pics whatsoever. And what's more, if that's successful they wanna do more like these..? I wonder how good is the art style or animation...? I couldn't find any screen of it online just yet...

This time it's clearly an all-ages movie (which is a plust after all the violence of their films lately..), and the designs come from Lynell Forestall already behind several DC Nation shorts. The Justice League will feature this time the inclusion of Robin (!) and Karate Kid (!!).

The film is aboutonly 52 minutes long (but I guess we shouldn't be surprised by that...)

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