Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#Drawings - 2013 recap!

Let's start up a new year with the usual "Summary of Art" Meme.

Once again, I tried to cover as many different art styles, projects and kind of work I could.

First off you can find this year's template right here:

Drawing taken from:
January: Wasp sketch
February: Wasp CartoonGalz
March: Star Wars Episode 7 parody
April: Grave of the Fireflies review
May: Comix Galactic Janitors launched!…
June: Comic strip series ABBY launched!…
July: Dan Vs. contest entry
August: On-going MightyTales resurrected!
September: Atlee drawing - artstyle revamp!
October: Adventure Time with Guts and Puck
November: Steven Universe is awesome
December: Mighty No. 3 Commission

Previous years:
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MEME Eyz's 2012 Summary by theEyZmaster

That's all folks!~

Art © :icontheeyzmaster: Eyz 2014.

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