Monday, February 24, 2014

#RIP Harold Ramis

Noooooo!! It can't be! News just hit the 'whole world...

Harold Ramis just died : (

RIP M. Harold Ramis. I'm speechless... Out of words... Dunno what to write..

I'm genuinely very sad.

Tis a sad day for the entire movie industry...

I'll miss him. Egon was my fav Ghostbuster...

On the "bright" side, this will finally put a stop to any more new possible Ghostbusters film. And it's better left that way.

M. Ramis made some of the finest comedies and was partially behind most of the best lines from the Ghostbusters series.

I loved Multiplicity. Groundhog Day. Analyze This/That. Aw, man... :/

Why dontcha what one of his movies in memory of the man?


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