Thursday, March 27, 2014

#DeletedScenes - Dead Phoenix

Around 2005 Capcom made a deal with Nintendo. They were supposed to make 5 exclusive titles, throwbacks to the original 8-bit Capcom/Nintendo days.

Aimed specially at hardcore gamers, the idea was to develop several old school long & difficult arcade-style games for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Thus was born the Capcom 5 project. 

Chief amongst those was Resident Evil 4, quickly followed by P.N.03, Killer7 and Viewtiful Joe

What about the 5th and final game?

Called Dead Phoenix, it was a rail shooter pretty similar to Sega's Panzer Dragoon series.

And I can only say... Damn. It looked so nice and promising!

Probably the closest of the Capcom Five to an actual arcade game.

Like the rest of the C5, the concept was nice and the art direction looked great in the pictures.

I can only imagine Capcom dropped this one when numbers started coming from the other projects.

As great as ALL of these games, being well received and getting high praises in most reviews, the sales simply didn't follow. That's when they started porting most of those games to the PS2. And from all of these projects only Viewtiful Joe was able to get a sequel (and even a couple of spinoffs~).

Here's what we knew so far of Dead Phoenix: It was a 3D shoot 'em up featuring a dragon and a man named Phoenix. The gameplay was really similar to Panzer Dragoon. Allies on foot would have helped you fight your foes. The plot would have revolved around a mythical floating city and dragons. It was planned for a mid-2003 release date.

Here's the only videos of it:

It looked nice...

From the looks of things, an almost finished prototype possible lives on, somewhere at Capcom. But since they dropped the IP altogether, I don't think we will ever get to see it "officially".

Since we never got an actual 5th "Capcom Five" project, I often like to see Viewtiful Joe 2 as the 5th unofficial title in this series..

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