Friday, March 28, 2014

#Gaming NEWS! And the next 360/PS3 Assassin's Creed game is...

Assassin's Creed Comet!

 This is actually a promotional pic for AC4's DLC, but read on and you'll understand...

From the looks of things, Assassin's Creed Comet will this time let you play as a Templar.

Unlike its "big brother", this Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 exclusive (won't that make most people grab this one on these consoles, but ditch the "next one" on PS4/Xbox One for the much cheaper PC/Steam release??) will keep the whole nautical theme from Black Flag.

It will apparently be set in 1758, this time along the Atlantic Ocean. Rumors say we might just see Haytham Kenway (Connor's father in AC3) and Adewale back (!!). Sounds great to me. Source.

Here are my estimated guesses, from the looks of what Ubisoft said so far, and the various hints I think I've found in various AC material (so take the following as you please):
- AC Unity, the PS4/Xbox One/PC title will follow the Assassin Order and the Templars finally uniting for a new (?) or bigger threat. In the comic book Assassin's Creed: Brahman, which followed an awesome Indian Assassin and was released along AC4, the mysterious "First People" took over an Assassin descendant in the climax of the series to announce to both Assassins and Templars present on the scene they should ally to be prepared for the incoming threat of Juno! Repeating the term Unity several times for about 2 pages! I just finished it the other day, and thought that might have been an hint on the part of Ubisoft. So I imagine this "Unity" will come from an alliance between both factions, possibly putting a term to this whole Assassins/Templars storyline, at least on the modern era of the franchise. Even though if that means an uneasy alliance. (that could be pretty interesting, story-wise)

- AC Comet, on the PS3/Xbox 360, might focuse back on the whole Desmond/End of the world scenario. And I know it was supposedly finished in AC3, but Black Flag gave us plenty hints that this epilogue might turn into a full-blown follow-up. And wouldn't it be appropriate to have the last PS3/360 Assassin's Creed game go back to that storyline AND resolve it for good? This one, I'm guessing here, might concern the end of the world not actually prevented in the previous episode. The comet might literally concern an incoming threat from space about to destroy the Earth (Final Fantasy 7, much?). I can imagine whatever solar flair/slash/end of the world scenario Desmond was supposed to stop at the end of AC3 wasn't properly stopped. HENCE why there were hints of Desmond through Black Flag (his... personal state aside), of his consciousness, impact on the AC universe and even his crew in Black Flag (Danny Wallace's character & co). ERGO why such a game would return to his ancestors/Haytham! Makes sense! Not necessary bringing his character back, but at least the plot points he touched upon.

This means with both these games, the AC series could move forward, ditch/resolve those storylines and shake the status quo in new direction, if they want to keep the franchise alive!

Anyways.. (what a long post!!), that's my 2-cent.

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