Friday, March 28, 2014

#Sega NEWS! Sonic Lost World - The Legend of Zelda Zone dlc

Did I forget to post this? As a long time Sonic fan, I think I should post it on the blog...

So Sonic Lost World finally got its second stage-DLC, another Nintendo tie-in! Which, as an old school gamer, feels kinda wrong...

...but it looks fun, colorful and great!

After th Yoshi Island Zone, here comes the Zelda Zone! Like the previous one it's another free downloadable content... so why complain?

To be honest, folks, I still haven't bought a Wii U.. so this is gonna wait a bit. I always need up to, like, 10 must have games on a new system before actually considering it. And I'm kinda late on several last gen games (and retro titles, but let's not get into that...). Of all new systems, home consoles and handhelds, the Wii U's been the only one to both catch my eye and my interest. But I'm still not entirely decided.. (also I like to give new systems a couple months to breath, just to be sure the tech/hardware won't be failing me...)

Anyways, long story short - this looks neat, like the rest of Sonic Lost World so far.

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