Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#Cartoon NEWS! The best new pilot I've seen in ages on Cartoon Network!

Here's a new pilot for an upcoming show on Cartoon Network.

It's called Steven Universe! The show - story and chara design - comes from long-time Adventure Time storyboard artist (and song writer) Rebecca Sugar.

Check it out:

While Steven seems a tad bit annoying, the world-building does sound pretty interesting if you ask me. In the long run they could tone him down, or make him funnier I'm sure. Another comedy-driven epic adventure show in the making - and coming off recent successes like Adventure Time itself and Regular Show, it looks like Cartoon Network's on the right track for a rebirth after drowning in awfully cheesy live action sitcomes this past decade.

I really dig the art style. It has a great "indie comic" look I love. It looks a lil' bit too complex for a weekly show, so I'm sure they'll find a way to simplify details.

Update: February 2015: Looking back now that Steven's in the middle of its first Season, it looks like I got a few things right in retrospective. Here's a fun comparison video I'll post below for fun:

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