Saturday, May 10, 2014

#Cartoon NEWS! "Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors"

Looks like I might have to start watching Disney's Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series again. (yeah, I know, but I just couldn't follow it anymore.. I mean, I loved Joe Kelly's Deadpool episode, but the rest...ugh..)

Announced amongst a batch of possible new shows - including a Guardians of the Galaxy one!?! - there was a "leaked" pic of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series... And.. it looks like the series will undergo some serious change in its status quo/concept.

What is that...? Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors!?

It seems that along a name change, several other incarnations of Spidey will join our hero. Including some of my personal favorite (Marvel characters): Spider-Man 2099!! Miles Morales' Ultimate Spider-Man!Some other Spidey I can't have a good look at bottom left... Spider-Man Noir (granted, looking more beige than noir here...)!! And is that... Yes, it is I recognize the pose from the original first issue #1, it's Spider-Girl!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, about time any of these got some well deserved attention! (I've been saying this since day one, specially considering the show was following the extremely good Spectacular Spider-Man, it should have been about Miles Morales or at least feature him one way or another...)

It's a perfect tie-in into this incoming batch of announced Spider-Man movies & spinoffs (Amazing Spider-Man 3, the Venom spin-off, and the upcoming Sinister Six movie) and Marvel Comics' own upcoming "Spider-Verse" event set to feature every incarnation of the wallcrawler ever.

Awesome! Or more exactly, Amazing!

It's just missing Spider-Ham!


No kiddin' here!

'nuff said!


  1. Miles Morales and Miguel O'Hara getting some media attention is a-okay with me!

    1. And let's not forget Mayday! The people at Marvel don't seem that fond of her these days..