Monday, May 26, 2014

#Gaming NEWS! first Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer

Here's the first gameplay trailer of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight videogame.

It seems that Rocksteady Studios did a solid fantastic job on updating it to new systems. But it kinda still looks like more of the same (only shinier and in HD this time)...

I guess it's gonna be a great game, but I'm imagining the sandbox formula will once again get a bit redundant at some point...

I miss the Metroid-vania-esque experience of the first one Arkham Asylum..

Looks neat!

We also get a first glimpse of the newly created fancharacter new foe the self-titled "Arkham Knight" himself, improvised just to tie-in into the title. Who wanna bet it's going to be The Joker?...

Anyone not liking the costume much, though? I dunno for you, but it's looking way too much like a simple "metal" suit. Way too much Iron Man and not enough Batman-ysh in my eyes...


  1. Kind of hoping the new baddy is secretly Alfred : p would be so funny

    1. It would be epic!

      ...considering Warner Bros. and the past games, despite whatever Rocksteady's been saying (no doubt, to cover the surprise), I'm thinking it will simply turn out to be the Joker.