Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#E3 NEWS! Day 1 recap

Nothing much to write about this year's E3, at least on my side. I'm sure any of you out there might have some favorite reveals of your own, or whatever.

I glimpsed at the Microsoft, Ubisoft and EA live shows... while there were some nice new things for fans (namely new entries in well renowned franchises) there wasn't much anything "new" and original really...

There's an upcoming new Star Wars game that Disney didn't cancel this time (a new Battlefront!). Another Halo re-edition in the form of Halo 2 Anniversary bundled with the entire series (minus ODST, Reach & Wars - cannon fodder for a later new collection again?). a new Dragon Age. Conker recycled in some other random Rage project instead of a proper comeback. Random new entries in a couple of series nobody remembered such as C. A bunch of fun DLCs for Dead Rising 3 - a sort of new "Frank West edition" turned up to 11! Capcom still tries to ignore Mega Man despite using some of its assets in other games.

A couple of nice looking new indie games such as the amazing-looking Cuphead:

Despite me mostly ignoring the Xbox One, this Sunset Overdrive game had a fantastic reveal trailer and stunning graphics, coupled with neat ideas that almost remind me of Jet Set Radio:

BioWare robbed us of an actual Mass Effect trailer to almost make a trailer about them. It's only missing a "Join BioWare! at the end:

EA reminds us Mirror's Edge 2 is still coming up. They showed something far from finished, just a concept in video. I still say it does seem to adapt the Mirror's Edge comic book prequel though (also written by ME lead writer):

Square Enix had two new Tomb Raiders. Another online co-op thingie:

And the corny awfully silly-titled sequel to the last proper new entry in the franchise, Rise of the Tomb Raider, aka "Lara with PTSD: The Video Game":

Despite me being more intrigued by the "last-gen" Assassin's Creed game "Comet", Ubi showed how fun a mutliplayer-based AC could be with "Unity":

I gotta admit the new Rainbow Six "back to basics" approach almost sold me the game:

Remember Batman: Arkham Knight? I gotta admit.. I almost forgot all about it, despite me being such a huge fan of the character... Anyways, new trailer ahead:

And finally, there's apparently a Dead Island 2 coming. Shouldn't it really be called Dead Island 3 though? The trailer looks pretty hilarious though:

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