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RR Bill Cosby ...Far From Finished

Already a classic, here's a fantastic recent release.

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Title: Bill Cosby... Far From Finished
Comedian Bill Cosby 
Release date 2013
Genre Stand-up comedy special album

The great Bill Cosby is a veteran comedian who has been doing everything from stand-up performances to acting in classic sitcom shows and even music.

Now at age 76, Bill Cosby was back doing what he loves, stand-up comedy! And for the very first time on Comedy Central no less - something a bit odd he notes in his first bit, how many people where surprised by that news. But don't worry, he's still the same always fun lovable clean comedian.

No cursing! Almost, as he says, "You aim at it. And you hit it. But nobody heard your firing."

"Far From Finished" was first broadcasted and distributed in November 2013, released on Bluray/DVD and via CD/MP3 audio formats. It had been 30 years since he last filmed a stand-up comedy special in the mid-80s. Now a well established figure of the American comedy culture, marking about 50 years since his very first album (back in 1963!) and a career of over 20 comedy albums (and as many music records in between).

Far From Finished is a 90-minute set.

While the video release on DVD features a bonus interview with Robert Townsend, the audio CD/MP3 release contains a second additional disc worth of alternate bonus tracks.

With Far From Finished, Cosby is finally back on the scene!

Cosby still is easy to such an easy comedian connect to, to this day. All generations can enjoy his humor.

Nowadays more easily established as a father figure, playing off the audience and having fun talking about marriage, family and life in general. It's still the same subjects he used to cover, but all-new material!

There was a lot of pressure on Cosby regarding this new material, no doubt, but as soon as it starts you'll notice the big man hasn't skipped a beat! He still has very much the exact same voice, , the same tone and mannerism.

In Far From Finished covers his familiar topics. Namely, "family".

He opens the show with a story how "your wife is not your friend", setting up the later segments. Bill talks about the difference between the Girrrlfriend and the wife, how he lost the keys to his own house... decades ago, his code name, the room his wife allows him to stay in...

It's simply hilarious!

Bill Cosby is a legend and a pioneer of the genre. A master storyteller. The man had an outstanding career! And it shows! This 2013 album was well worth the wait.

Overall, this comedy album comes as highly recommended!

An universally loved veteran comedian back on the show for his very own new special! Clean comedy easily relatable for everyone!

It's a fantastic performance. About every day life, easy to relate and enjoy.

Bill back at his finest. Talking about being a regular guy, brought to life through his stories. Covering such themes as marriage, relationships, children, friends, etc. He's a great storyteller who has only refined his act over the years. Sure, the man's older now, but he keeps the same humor, the same tone. This show is just as amazing as any of his past work. Extremely funny!

Bill Cosby shows he's always at home in comedy. Far from finished and still making us laugh!

Check out his official website for more!

I give it:

3 / 3 Urkels!

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