Friday, July 25, 2014

#SDCC News! This is what Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow will look like on ARROW

I like Arrow, I really do. Despite all its flaws and all of the show's whiny/melodramatic scenes which are supposed to pass for "brooding" or "realistic", it's enjoyable and has only be getting better over the episodes.

Roy Harper was slowly upgraded to Ollie/Arrow's sidekick over the course of the second season. Looks like it will be official next season.

Here's a preview look at Roy's Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow persona on Season 3 (I guess they will probably call him "that other Vigilante", or "Red Hood"...): actually looks pretty neat. I see some "Arsenal" in there, what with the black pants and all the belts (oh, so 90s!).

Can't wait to see this back on, along the new FLASH series!

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