Friday, July 25, 2014

#SDCC14 NEWS! First Ant-Man teaser poster

Despite all the behind the scenes shenanigans - which I decided to skip and not repost here - it looks like Ant-Man's finally shaping up to release next year after Avengers 2.

I still wish it had been under the hands of Edgar Wright AND before the new Avengers film to keep Hank Pym as creator of Ultron. But other than that, it's starting too look on the right tracks.

Here's the newly revealed Ant-Man poster for this year's Comic-Con:

I'm still not really liking the idea to have Hank Pym being this older scientist and Paul Rudd playing the second Ant-man instead.. couldn't they have used a new different screenplay, now that Wright is out?

Wait and see...

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