Friday, August 22, 2014

#Gaming NEWS! Mighty No 9's BECK invites himself in a 2D sidescroller

Mighty Gunvolt is a "run & gun" Mega Man-style 8-bit sidescroller. You know, an indie retro game. Developed by Inti Creates. It seems they originally wanted to make a "Mega Man Zero" thing, but weren't able to get the rights to Mega Man, because Capcom just hates Mega Man these days...

Anyhow, the game's still coming out even without the rights to Mega Man, they just slightly tweaked it.

You can also get it for free if you already have their previous title Azure Striker Gunvolt. And even get Striker's main character, Gunvolt. And since they couldn't get Mega Man, they went for the next best thing... that is, getting Beck from Keiji Inafune (Mega Man's creator)'s Mighty No 9!!

How's that looking up for you, Capcom?

Ha! I just love the fact Beck's sprite is basically just Mega Man! Hahaha!

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