Saturday, August 16, 2014

#Gaming NEWS! Silent Hills

A new Silent Hill game has been announced. And I haven't posted anything about it yet!?!?

It came right in the random little Konami project, an interactive teaser code-named "P.T.", which turned out to be an acronym for "Playable Teaser"... It was a mystery-adventure type of game in First Person... then suddenly at the end, getting out of the building it zoomed out revealing suddenly this at the end:

This was actually an interactive teaser trailer for the upcoming Silent Hills!

Yes, Silent HillS!?! Why?! What?! Does this mean several Silent Hill towns? Or Silent Hill universes (the teaser game itself playing on alternate realities and repetition)?? Or worse than that... a complete reboot/reimagining, so it might actually be literal HILLS?? Hills where stuff happen? I dunno... I'm just brainstorming random stuff here...

This time following the original Team Silent games and the current titles from several developers (chief amongst those was Climax), this one will come from Hideo Kojima. And supposedly Guillermo del Toro too. How will that work? Will Hideo supervise the project? Just produce it? Direct it? Or like Castlevania, only have like his name branded on the project while other people unrelated to him do all the work? And what is del Toro's role exactly? Writing? Producing? Designing the creatures?? Also note Walking Dead's Norman Reedus lending his appearance/voice (presumably) for the main character.

Alright. I'm hyped for this!

I just hope the actual game won't be played in first person (COME ON!! there's already plenty of other non-Silent Hill horror games played as FPS!). And that it won't feature a bunch of hills. Oh, and actually scary stuff. Yes, please.

So far, it's not 100% confirmed if this will be a PS4 exclusive (but I imagine so), but the PT demo was.

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