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RR Baron Vaughn - Raised by Cable

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Title: Raised by Cable 
Comedian Baron Vaughn 
Release date 2011
Genre Stand-up Comedy album

Mostly known for his numerous memorable supporting roles (on Law & Order, Cloverfield, Black Dynamite, etc.), Baron Vaughn is an actor and comedian mostly associated as part of The Awkward Comedy Show group along other fellow comedians Hannibal Buress, Eric André, Marina Franklin and Victor Varnado.

He received more exposure after appearing on various late talk shows, from Jimmy Fallon to Craig Ferguson and more.

Following that Baron Vaughn started several appearances on Comedy Central shows. He also made various videos for CollegeHumor. He finally started performing stand-up comedy for CollegeHumor.

Raised by Cable is his first solo stand-up comedy special, after performing until now with the rest of The Awkward Comedy Show.

Baron Vaughn is an hilarious comedian who grew up in New York before moving now to California. As someone both from the West and East Coast, he has a pretty fun perspective on several usual topics lots comedians usually cover.

He starts his show talking about going to Vegas to visit his mom compared to other dudes going there to black-out-drinking and forget about things they might do there.

He follows this by talking about how he's been traveling a lot and getting way too close to confort to a certain air plane-risks statistic. A show called Animal Cops that sounds much better that it actually turns out to be. Talking to cats and becoming a crazy person. Pick-up lines, and the very first guys who proof-tested them. Practicing safe sex. There's also some hilarious bits regarding being African American, "Black" stuff, that one black guy that shows up at every Klan meeting and being of mixed heritage. It's all pretty fun hilarious stuff.

He does some cartoon voices and people impressions near the end.

His hilarious closer his a story how he uses to sing late at night on the streets - his big classic "routine". Penises, Lollipops and Unicorns on top!

Finally there's a bonus hidden track, the aforementioned "P + L" song, remixed. It's... not that good really. I personally prefer the stand-up version performed with an audience...

His show contains some explicit content, but it's all in good fun, really.

Overall, it's a pretty fun comedy special! Baron Vaughn has a great presence on stage and a great voice for comedy!

I would say he's in-between a Dave Chappelle and a Patton Oswalt in terms of delivery style. Witty, hilarious, Vaughn can set a great mood in a few couple of seconds!

People already familiar with The Awkward Comedy Show probably already know and have heard all of his material, but it has since been more polished and refined since then. And the jokes are also longer.

He rises a few (funny take on) social issues, like racism and the homeless.

Baron Vaughn is one very talented hilarious comic everyone should keep an eye on! Silly, but thoughtful comedy. Despite covering so many silly stuff.


I give it:

2.5 / 3 Urkels!

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