Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#Gaming NEWS! More info on this new AitD6


I'm not really feeling this new Alone in the Dark game... at all.

Atari has just launched this new official "hi-tech" website for the game. We're you'll find the same teaser trailer, a couple of screens and enough information to make an idea on the game.

I fear this time the series has really jumped the shark...

Sure the last reboot was really off, kinda rushed and left such mixed impressions... but at least the concept was somewhat decent and it had a great unique atmosphere. (Really, having Central Park has a setting was pretty original in itself)

Apparently this Alone in the Dark: Illumination will bring back the H.P. Lovecraft aesthetics. So there's that at least.

But they describe it as a reinvention of the series. A "survival action horror". That means it's really a FPS action game this time.

There four playable characters - not "characters" and not "scenarios" as in the original and 4th game. Called "the Hunter, the Witch, the Priest and the Engineer". That means 4 classes and not actual protagonists. "Each offering a unique gameplay experience".

Man. They went all Left 4 Dead on us? Why not simply make a new IP then, Atari?!? Why???

The game will feature co-op multiplayer. Yeah, really nailing for the Left 4 Dead/Borderlands-type, are ya? The goal is to battle zombies the darkness. Sigh. And you can "create safe zones" with the "power of illumination". Again, yeah. Totally feels like an arcade-ysh/deathmatch experience instead of an actual adventure game like the original... why didn't they release the remake of the original classic instead again? The game will this time take place in an abandoned town in Virginia. Stuff happening down the local mines. Monsters. A facility. Etc.

The "hunter" guy picture above is supposedly a direct descendant of Edward Carnby - looks like they decided to go back to AitD4, kinda. He even has kind of the same face/design. The "witch" is also apparently the great-granddaughter of Emily Hartwood, the sadly forgotten second character of the original game. The rest of the cast is pretty forgettable to be honest... For all I care, the game could have feature three different playable incarnations of Carnby, it wouldn't change how generic and random this whole thing feels like...

The whole "Inspired by HP Lovecraft" really nails it in the ground, since I suppose they just mean cashing in on the name and adding a few tentacles to monsters here and there...

The best thing to come out of this entire game is probably this above concept art. If only they could surprise us and manage to recapture the feel of the original game... sigh..

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