Thursday, September 4, 2014

#Marvel NEWS! Marvel will STOMP Out Bullying™

This October Marvel will apparently feature some "bullying awareness" covers on their comics, as part of their team up with "STOMP Out Bullying™".

And while that means having some silly forced in messages on some comics covers, it also means using super hero personas along this theme that runs through a lot of their characters. I mean, what does Spidey, Bruce Banner/Hulk and the young Steve Rogers share in all their origin stories?

But Marvel kinda dropped the ball on this, in my eyes. The Captain America one could have been great, but looks terrifying like Cap himself's about to bully some kids on his own. And I truly love the art on the Hulk one, but it kinda loses impact when you take the content into account - I mean, bullies mocking THE FRIGGIN' HULK, really? RIP, those kids...

On the other hand, coming off a successful movie, all the Guardians of the Galaxy ones came out pretty nicely, charming and even funny. Check those out:

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