Monday, September 8, 2014

RR Hannibal Buress - My Name is Hannibal

Here's another favorite comedian of mine!

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Title: My Name is Hannibal 
Comedian Hannibal Buress 
Release date 2010
Genre Stand-up Comedy album

A New York stand-up comedian, Hannibal Buress is easily one of the best new talents to have entered the scene in the last few years.

Chances are, you probably already are familiar with him from some of his work. Either through the radio, televisions or even podcasts.

Hannibal started his career on The Awkward Comedy Show, a comedic group alongside other comedians (such as Baron Vaughn, Eric André, Marina Franklin and Victor Varnado) on Comedy Central.

Hannibal has also written and guest starred on several shows such as 30 Rock on NBC and Louie on FX. These days he's mostly known for being part of The Eric André Show on Adult Swim.

"My Name is Hannibal" is his first stand-up comedy special, which aired in 2010 and was released through Stand Up! Records. Since then Hannibal went on appearing on a lot of late night shows and he currently hosts weekly stand-up shows in Brooklyn.

His show begins with a great introduction about himself.

Then he follows with the obligatory Obama bit, but here it's a pretty unusual, fun and unique take on this very overused topic in comedy. He then proceeds to talk stuff about rap, how their music videos lack any real closure. Then follows his eponymous "My Name is Hannibal" segment. How he would love to have metal arms just in case, like Jax from Mortal Kombat (used to great effect in a callback at the end of the show). Hannibal then talks about several subjects. Video games. Weed. Being a fireman, driving the fire SUV which doesn't seem to have any real purpose. The streets of the city.

Next is a story about pickle juice, which has since become his signature routine piece. Syphilis' return. A little parenthesis on the homeless, it's "hard out here"...  Men and women. How much he would love to kick pigeons and finally family stuff for the closer.

His gimmick is mostly observational comedy. It's a fun compilation of stories and shorter bits.

Hannibal is obviously a very funny and smart comedian. With a really fun unique style of is own. A great laid back tone.

I really like how he's not even pretending to "be completely true" like most comedians out there. He even mentions living alone in one story, then remarks he later says he has a roomate despite saying he's living alone earlier, he loves to create "different realities for [his] jokes".

His debut album received great reception at the time and helped quickly establish him as a great talented new humorist.

Overall, this is a very good first comedy album!

Easily one of the funniest comedians nowadays.

With a great laid back style and intelligent. Hannibal Buress has a unique point of view, almost surreal at times.

He's smart, funny and no doubt one of the better comedians of this generation.

Great clear delivery, original and clever, Highly Recommended material!

I give it:

2.5 / 3 Urkels!

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