Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#Blog - HEY EYZ, What have you been up to latey?

Me? Not much.

It's almost Christmas.

"Where are the Christmas-related posts or reviews?"

I didn't plan much this year for the blog. Expect 1-2 Xmas-related things around Christmas itself.

Besides work/life, lately I've been mostly hosting this XMAS ART JAM on deviant, which you can all read more about right here.

I'll probably post a recap over here once that's done, for now here's a few of those drawings I've been busy with:

#XmasGothGal - Marie Kanker by theEyZmaster#XmasGothGal - The Exorsisters by theEyZmaster#XmasGothGal - Lacey Shadows by theEyZmaster
#XmasPinups - Amy Wong by theEyZmaster#XmasPinups - Wasp by theEyZmaster#XmasPinups - FP by theEyZmaster

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