Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#Fanmade - Marvel vs DC Epic Trailer

This is pretty silly, and obviously fanmade (for the two of you naives out there that somehow think this is real), but it's also so much fun!

Here's an epic fanmade crossover MARVEL VS. DC movie trailer! Which I'm sure EVERYONE would go see in theaters a hundred times, but Disney and Warner would probably never allow it to exist...

At mid-point it somehow turns into fights between heroes more than a proper story/movie... that would make it a 12+ hours long film I imagine!! Also, why would heroes fight themselves instead of, you know, villains? XD

Anyways - Enjoy:

Haha! Kinda stupid, sure, but so enjoyable!

Cleverly edited by Alex Luthor, and using footage from so many sources from the CW's The Flash to the DC Universe Online opening cutscene and even that recent failed Wonder Woman pilot! Epic!

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