Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#Movie NEWS! The T-1000 is back! Oh, and Teaser Trailer for the new Terminator film!

Sounds more and more like 2015's gonna be a pretty full year in terms of long awaited films. Vintage series resurrected, blockbuster sequels, fun original new films and I'm not even seeing a lot of remakes/reboots? Good news everyone!

Chappie's looking great. I'm over-hyped for Jurassic World. I'm kinda mix in regards to Avengers and Antman. And let's not forget Terminator 5! Yes, there's already been 4 of them!

The official teaser trailer was just released. Let's have a look:


So much to take in already! Strangely.. I gotta admit.. the hype's working on me!

Let's see...

A T-1000 is back in Terminator: Genisys? (Still hate that title...) Is that Skynet's main HUB or the time displacement unit? And Arnie's back! He said he would be back, after all!

The rumored storyline (from that EW not long ago) is that the story takes place directly after Salvation. (And it's rumored the T-800/Arnold could in fact be that one in CGi glimpsed at the end of T4) Mankind's losing the war against the machine. The human rebels will send another reprogrammed Terminator back into the past to help save the day or at least try to radically change everything in a desperate last attempt to survive. They fail the window and send him waaay too back into the past. (Hence the aging Terminator-meat, an idea James Cameron himself actually suggested) The Arnold-bot will finally find a very young Sarah Connor some time in the past and take her under his wing. He will prepare her for the incoming war. Flash forward during the events of T1 in the 1980s. The film will take place and diverge alongside it (think BTTF part 2, I guess). This T-1000 might in fact be Robert Patrick and the film will jump forward to T2's timeline before divering in an alternate reality!


It's like a sequel/prequel/remake/reboot all into one film!

It's certainly sounding pretty similar to some of the more far-fetched (but enjoyable) Terminator comics I've read! Even the fact this time travelling good Terminator will be called "Uncle Bob" seems to be taken directly from the recent Terminator comics (itself an allusion).

You know what? I'm in! Sign me in! It sounds time travelley enough, I like it! I guess the main audience will hate it, though...

Tomorrow - the actual trailer premiere! Can't wait!

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