Thursday, January 1, 2015

#Drawings - 2014 recap!

Another year, another "Summary of Art" Meme!

As usual I tried to cover various styles and several projects of mine I did this year.

Source of my drawing:
January: One of my goals this year was to honor European comics/Bande Dessinnées more often
February: RIP Harold Ramis
March: I've been trying to give some more attention to my blog, making reviews more frequent. This BACON-approved pic was one of my favs
April: My stupid silly Aprils fool prank brought quite some pageviews to my blog actually
May: I was finally able to finish my comic Rubberman this May
June: This year been most associated with Keiji Inafune's Mighty no 9 for me. A fun community, a lot of hype and a game not even out! I tried to enter so many contests until one of my own robot designs was finally selected recently!
July: I can still draw Sonic characters! Jumping on the Sonic Boom bandwagon here. I mostly did several goofie (Knuckles-related) parodies, this one's one of the better and more popular ones I did
August: RIP Robin Williams..
September: I've been bitten by the Zelda fever, and running along with it ever since. Yet I still haven't played Hyrule Warriors, can you believe this??
October: This Halloween was marked by "HalloweenHorrorCosplay" challenge
November: I finally started a new comic, Locust Valley
December: Jingle Belle from my Xmas Pinups illustrations I did this December

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That's all folks!~

Art © :icontheeyzmaster: Eyz 2014.

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