Friday, January 16, 2015

#FanFilmFriday - Critters: Bounty Hunter

My two most awaited new shows for this year are both continuations of classic 80s horror films. The upcoming Ash Vs. The Evil Dead series - from original creators Sam Raimi, Campbell and Tapert - and the mostly unheard upcoming TV reboot of Critters.

That's right, Warner Bros. announced late last year they would be producing a brand new show continuing the classic Critters films, which I love so much!!

Here's a pretty fun "fanfilm" project created by writer-director Jordan Downey- a long time fan of Critters. He made this short film as a pitch for the show; to show he's the perfect guy to handle this project. Check it out, it's well worth a look (also - PRACTICAL EFFECTS!! enjoy!):

Here's his own description:
Critters Bounty Hunter was completed from start to finish in under two months with a small budget and an even smaller crew. All in, a total of six people worked on the movie: Myself, Kevin Stewart, Ricky Fosheim, Nick Soole, Troy Smith and Gina Luciani. We shot for two nights at a house in Mammoth Lakes, California. The Critter puppet was built by Troy Smith who worked with us on both ThanksKilling movies. Our crew handled everything from building the bounty hunter costume, learning the VFX required to pull off the glowing head, scoring, title cards, sound design, etc. We're proud of what we pulled off with limited resources and can't wait to share this with everyone. Turn up the volume and hit HD - We hope you enjoy our fun little take on Critters!
Source: Jordan Downey

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