Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#Marvel NEWS! First Look at Marvel's Ant-Man!

The wait is over!

Right during the premier of Marvel's new show Agent Carter came the first of Ant-Man!

Check this out:

AWESOME!! Alright. This sold me on this movie, finally! Although... no Wasp yet????

We finally get to see Paul Rudd in the suit as Scott Lang!

All I can say is that tge costume's perfect in my eyes!

Pretty close to the concept art actually:

Part of me still kinda wish it was Hank Pym, but why be picky... By the by, I really hope The Atom could look kinda like that too, on the CW (but I'm feeling they're about to go with a ridiculous armored look instead... sigh..).

It was expected to see him making fun of the name, trying to get the audience on board (similar to the Guardians' "Who" to Starlord, I guess). Part of the Marvel Films charm.

The film Ant-Man is expected on July 17 2015, right after Age of Ultron!


  1. Looking promising so far, despite not knowing what the story is EXACTLY, but I'm saving that for when I watch the movie. (Trailers spoil so much, so I'm just avoiding everything but the first trailers and watch the movie "blind" as possible)
    Yeah, the name had to be cracked on. The audience already done it. And I would expect the character to do it if he was given the name by somebody else.

    1. I'm feeling the exactly opposite regarding the plot. I feel like i know everything, it's easy to fill in the blank what with the history of the character and how blockbusters turn out these days.

      I'm not saying I don't like it so far. Actually I can't wait for it much more than Age of Ultron.

      It's just that I can guess 99% of the flick. I don't wanna spoil it to you then. But I want to write what I think the movie will be about somewhere, dated, and check it back after seeing it to see how exact my predictions will turn out.